Re-Wilding Offerings

We are Ocean, Rachel, and Andros (8 years old), a homesteading LGBTQ family.

We have followed our hearts and inner guidence to this lifestyle, against all odds.

We are living our homesteading dreams and would be honored to be of support and inspiration to others seeking a life closer to nature and sustainability.

We invite you to visit us and familiarize yourself with homesteading life.

Ways to visit us at Finca Flor de la Vida for a Re-Wilding Experience:

  • Chocolate Farm Tour: Guided walk through cacao forest, demonstration of tree to bar chocolate making process, and tasting of our Finca Flor de la Vida chocolate bar flavors and home grown coffee.
  • Homestead and Botanical Tour: Guided walk through the farm and botanical gardens with plant biologist. Learn about homesteading and ethnobotany of edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful plants.
  • Guided Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing: The forest and its rivers are places to reunite ourselves with Nature and all the peace and healing we need. Guided walks and meditation for sacred interactions with this healing nature.
  • Guided Wild Swimming: Guided walks to pristine swimming holes in the jungle. Experience the therapy of swimming in wild river habitats.
  • Volunteer with us: We accept volunteers to help with projects on the farm. Please check out our post in We welcome visitors for an equal exchange.

Please contact us at

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